Get the energy efficiency tips and tricks to save you cash every month.

When it comes to home energy efficiency, your heating and cooling system accounts for almost half of your monthly energy bill. That’s right—50% of what you pay is a direct result of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home.

So how can you bring that number down and save a few bucks every month, without a total system overhaul? The answer: smarten up your thermostat.

Modern Thermostats Save You Money

Gone are the days of the sliders and dials. Today’s thermostats are digital, and even the most basic versions are programmable. This allows you to set-and-forget the temperature in your home.

Your thermostat adjusts based on day of the week and time of day to account for your comings and goings. You save money because you aren’t paying to heat or cool your home when no one is there to enjoy it.

Go Smart and Connect from Anywhere

You can even take it a step further with smart, wi-fi connected thermostats. These are the latest in connected home technology, allowing you to adjust the temperature right from your phone, tablet, or on the web.

Forgot to turn down the thermostat while you were away on vacation? Not a problem. Need to warm the place up before you arrive home early from work? Piece of cake. These are the ultimate in both control and convenience.

Need Help Finding and Programming the Thermostat That’s Right for You?

We’re here to help. Get in touch with our team of friendly experts at Air Treatment, Inc. today for all your energy efficiency needs.

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