Your HVAC system has kept your Kernersville, North Carolina, home comfortable for many seasons of hot and cold, but you’re getting tired of the rising utility costs that come with that system’s inefficiency. A heat pump may be the solution to your problems. By bringing together the best of furnaces and air conditioners, heat pumps will improve your energy efficiency and cut your utility costs.

What Makes Heat Pumps Different?

If you’re like many North Carolina homeowners, you may be using a standard split HVAC system to cool and heat your home. A split system includes a separate air conditioner and furnace unit, both of which are connected to a duct network that distributes air throughout your home. That air conditioning unit is further split between an indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor unit.

A heat pump, on the other hand, brings the furnace and air conditioner together into a single unit. Instead of relying on separate heating and cooling systems, a heat pump contains a switch that changes the direction of refrigerant flow depending on if you need your air heated or cooled.

Will a Heat Pump Improve Energy Efficiency?

Heat pumps do more than save space by bringing two units into one; heat pumps are also far more energy efficient than standard split systems. Since heat pumps transfer heat between your home and the air outdoors, your system won’t need to generate heat like your furnace does, which means your heat pump will draw far less power than your furnace. Heat pumps also run on electricity, so you won’t have to worry about losing energy efficiency to fuel consumption, and heat pumps are effective at delivering far more energy than they consume.

In addition to improving energy efficiency, heat pumps will save you even more money thanks to their two-in-one design. One unit means only one unit to maintain, repair, and eventually replace.

Heat pumps provide the heating and cooling of a standard split system with far less energy and fuss. To have a heat pump installed in your home, call Air Treatment Heating and Air Conditioning at 336-790-3206.

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