Your HVAC system is vital to maintaining the comfort of your North Carolina home. Unfortunately, over time, your HVAC system may begin to show signs that it needs repair or replacement. One way in which your system may be telling you that there’s a problem is with the noises that it makes. Here are five HVAC noises you should never ignore.


Clanging or metal-on-metal sounds often mean that there is a part that has slipped loose and is hitting the other parts of the system. This is most commonly a blower wheel or a bearing. If you hear this, shut your system off immediately to prevent further damage.

Loud Pops or Bangs

Banging and popping noises often indicate a delay in the pilot igniting. This could be due to dirty burners, which can lead to excess gas buildup. When the ignition finally occurs, the excess gas will cause a loud bang.

Whining or Squealing

High-pitched whining or squealing often is a sign that one or more parts in your system need oil. It also could be a sign that the blower belt is frayed or slipping and needs adjustment or replacement. The worst-case scenario is a problem with your blower.


Rattling noises are often a sign that the ductwork has become loose. Your ducts may need a simple tightening of the screws, sealing or replacement. If you tighten the screws on the vents and returns and still hear the noise, contact a professional.


If your system is fueled by gas or oil and you hear a rumbling noise, you should shut the system off immediately and contact an HVAC technician. This type of noise is typically a serious issue with your burner and can be a fire hazard.

If you hear any of the HVAC noises listed above, give Air Treatment a call today. Our experienced HVAC technicians will determine the problem and get your system back up and running in no time.

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