When you use washable HVAC filters in your Greensboro, North Carolina, home, you save money when not buying new air filters each month. But are washable filters truly a good investment? To understand if you should use washable filters, you need to know how they stack up against disposable air filters and how well they truly filter your air.

Washable Filters Are Electrostatic

The reason you can reuse washable filters is because they’re electrostatic. The filters are charged with static, and when particulates pass through them, the static charges trap them against the filter. When you wash the filter, you empty it of debris and let the cycle start all over again.

Many people like electrostatic filters because they last for a few years before you have to replace them again. As long as you’re willing to take the time out each month to wash them thoroughly, they can be a money-saving option for your HVAC system.

Some Particulates Don’t Get Trapped

Before you invest in washable filters, keep in mind that they aren’t very good at trapping certain particulates. Mold spores, odor-causing particles, and smaller particles like bacteria, pass right through these electrostatic filters. The filters can only capture particulates that are a certain size, which means a lot of the smaller stuff that makes your allergies worse will still go through your HVAC system. If enough particulates build up in your HVAC system, you might need more repairs down the line.

Though you might spend a little more on disposable filters, if you have allergies or if your HVAC system is older, they’re worth the investment for many people.

To find out how well your washable filters are doing, call Air Treatment. We can send a technician over to look at your HVAC system and your filters and let you know if everything is running smoothly. We will also recommend filters that fit your IAQ needs and that will keep your system in top shape. Call us at 336-790-3206.

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