Most things in life need some regular TLC. Your car needs a yearly inspection in order to keep running safely and cleanly. You need dentist and doctor checkups to ensure that you remain healthy and ready to take on the world. Your Greensboro, North Carolina, home could use some inspections as well. We’re not talking about inspecting your child’s room to see if they actually cleaned it. We’re talking about HVAC inspections. Under the trained eye and hand of a licensed technician, an HVAC inspection will prepare your home for an efficient and comfortable season.

What Does HVAC Inspection Entail?

Just like your doctor checks out your heart and reflexes to make sure everything is working as it should, your local HVAC technician will look at the heart of your HVAC system to ensure it’s functioning properly. When a technician comes to inspect your HVAC system, he or she will calibrate the thermostat for maximum efficiency, check airflow, check and change filters, lubricate belts and motors, and more.

But HVAC inspections involve much more than simply looking at some pieces of machinery; it involves preparing your system for the season ahead. An HVAC inspection in the fall will also often involve the technician ensuring proper venting, checking burners and carbon monoxide levels, and examining the heat exchanger and chamber.

What Are the Benefits of an HVAC Inspection?

While some HVAC issues can be indicated by a strange sound or odor, your senses won’t be able to identify many issues. Even a minor problem within your system can result in greater strain involved in heating or cooling your home, which reduces the lifespan of your system and increases utility costs. HVAC inspections catch and resolve these minor issues before they become costly repairs. Inspections also improve your indoor air quality, contributing to a healthier home.

Don’t let your HVAC system fall into disrepair. Give it the TLC it deserves. To schedule an HVAC inspection, call Air Treatment Heating and Air Conditioning at 336-790-3206.

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