One of the goals when remodeling a home is to hopefully reduce energy bills. Ductless mini-splits have gained popularity in the United States in the recent past because of their ease of installation, and energy efficiency. The following are the benefits of adding a ductless mini-split in Winston Salem, NC.

Easy Installation

Installing a ductless mini-split in your home is an easy and fast installation. To connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit requires 3 inch hole drilled in the wall to allow the conduit to pass through.

Some manufacturers of ductless mini-splits have provided systems with a variety of conduits that makes connection easier, regardless of the distance to the indoor unit. A ductless system is also less expensive to install during a home renovation as compared to systems that require installation of ductwork and perhaps breaking into walls or ceilings.

Do Not Require Ductwork

The absence of ductwork in the ductless mini-split makes it easy to fit in your home or retrofit in older homes that don’t have space for ductwork. This feature allows the maximization of airflow as the homeowner doesn’t need to worry about blocking the air passages. Homeowners can also minimize the problems that arise with energy loss and indoor air quality.

Ability to Create Different Zones

Most ductless mini-splits can have four indoor air handling units that can connect to one compressor unit outside. This also allows you to have multiple cooling zones where you can also control the temperatures independently. This aspect allows you to reduce the energy used in different rooms in your home, thus creating smaller carbon footprints and reduce your energy bills.

Noise Control

Most ductless mini-splits brands provide quiet operation. Fans of ductless systems run on lower speeds, while also providing optimal cooling in your home. Ductless mini-splits provides a smooth operation as compared to traditional systems.

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