Nobody wants to imagine germs living inside our homes. Unfortunately, germs are a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with having many of them. Your house will never be totally germ-free, but you can reduce the number of bacteria in your home, on your surfaces, and in your air by employing some de-germing measures.

Use Air Purifiers

The best whole-home air purifiers remove more than dust and pet dander from your air. A HEPA filter can filter bacteria out of the air within a room, but once the bacteria is in the filter, you still have to kill it. To that effect, some air purifier manufacturers have added UV lights and other germicidal components to air purifiers. That way, the purifier both traps and neutralizes the bacteria you’re worried about.

Buy Safe Cleaning Products

Bleach is great for killing bacteria, but it’s not good for your respiratory system. Read the labels in the cleaning supplies aisle the next time you visit the store. VOCs are in many products that kill germs. Instead, you want to find environmentally friendly products that won’t exacerbate any allergies or cause any health problems in the long term.

Get a UV Light for Your HVAC System

When cells, like bacteria, pass under UV rays, their DNA gets damaged because of a chemical reaction. Once the DNA is damaged, the cell dies. So when you have us install a UV light to shine inside your HVAC system, any bacteria that pass under the light dies. It’s a simple way to de-germ the air flowing through your house, and it adds a great layer of protection from germs to your life.

To get a UV light installed, have an Air Treatment technician over as soon as possible. While we’re tuning up your HVAC system, we can recommend filters that will help keep your air clean, and we will look inside your ducts to see if they need cleaning. Give us a call at 336-790-3206.

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