Air Treatment Inc - Why Is My Outdoor HVAC Unit Making Strange Noisesbenefits. The biggest advantage is the reliable performance of your heating and cooling systems. Enrolling in a plan gives you a chance to solve outdoor noises before they start.

Consider these additional benefits if you are considering an HVAC maintenance agreement:

Maintenance Solves Many Problems before They Start

HVAC equipment has many components that squeak, rattle, whine, and moan. Some of these noises are perfectly normal. Others have quick and affordable solutions. It’s important to prepare yourself for the ones pointing to a need for repair.

For the most part, you can avoid these problems by investing in quality maintenance agreements. During spring, a factory-trained, NATE-certified technician will come to your home to tighten, lube, clean, drain, and test all your cooling system’s components. Again in the fall, the same process will be repeated on your heating unit. Your tech will identify any problems, and you can handle them before a breakdown.

When You Hear Noises from Your Outdoor Unit

A new noise from your heating or cooling equipment isn’t something to ignore. A slow whine may need a squirt of oil to solve. Left untreated, it may lead to severe wear requiring replacement. A rattling fan blade causes wear too, but it can also detach and damage other components.

Loud rattling, humming or a screaming sound during operation point to a serious problem. When you hear one of these sounds, chances are your compressor or motor is failing. To keep your home comfortable, it’s essential you call in a professional right away.

Have you checked out HVAC maintenance agreements in and around Greensboro? If you’ve enrolled with Air Treatment, we’ll prioritize any service calls to your home. Contact us whenever you experience strange noises or when you’d like more information our professional maintenance agreements.

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