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If your geothermal heat pump is not keeping you comfortable, it’s usually a sign to call a professional technician to fix it. However, before you schedule an appointment, you could try to troubleshoot the equipment. The geothermal heat pump troubleshooting strategies in this guide are easy, so you can try them without any risks as a homeowner in Archdale, NC.

Power Inspection

Whenever your heat pump fails to power up, you should check its power supply. Although this may seem like a common way to restore power, most homeowners never inspect anything that relates to electrical hardware while troubleshooting a heat pump.

During the inspection, check the electrical wiring and the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker has flipped, it may be an indication that the electrical system needs attention. You can reset the circuit breaker and that should take care of it.

Next, inspect all of the electrical wires carefully. If you find any damaged or frayed wires, a technician must replace them.

Thermostat Inspection

If the heat pump has no power restrictions, check the thermostat. Usually, a heat pump will not heat or cool, if the thermostat isn’t set to the correct mode.

Also, ensure that the temperature on the thermostat suits the temperature in your home. For example, if the temperature on the thermostat is set to heat the home to 60 degrees while the temperature in the home is 70 degrees, the heat pump won’t power up until after you set the thermostat’s temperature above 70 degrees.

Troubleshooting Strategies for the Geothermal Hardware

A geothermal heat pump needs proper airflow in order to function correctly. When a geothermal heat pump has an airflow issue, it will power up. However, the air will have temperature inconsistencies.

To correct these inconsistencies, you’ll need to maintain your geothermal heat pump’s coils and air filters. A technician can help with this task.

When troubleshooting doesn’t provide any results, call Air Treatment Heating & Cooling and request our geothermal heat pump inspection service. We can pinpoint the source of the problem and complete the repairs.

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