Air Treatment Inc - How Do I Know If There Are Problems with Air Quality in My Homeevel that is unsafe. Read on to learn how you can know for sure if there are problems with your indoor air quality and what you can do to make things right.

Could Your Indoor Air Quality Be As Bad or Worse than Outdoor Air Quality?

Household chemicals, allergens, dust in your carpet, and even outdoor pollution that comes in through doorways and windows can all have a negative impact on the air quality of your home. Having your air quality tested on a regular basis is necessary for a healthy life and family.

Signs That You Might Have Indoor Air Quality Issues Include:

  • Illness or not feeling well after a recent renovation
  • Dirt and dust collecting around heating and air vents
  • A funky smell in the air that you can’t eliminate
  • Noticing you feel better when you’re away from home
  • Visible mold

What Can You Do to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home?

If you have concerns about your indoor air quality, schedule an appointment to have your home ventilation and circulation examined; you can also get a checkup on the humidity and an analysis of the overall climate control. Contaminates love to breed in humid climates. When you have poor circulation or ventilation, the contaminants in the air can’t flow properly to exit the home either.

If you are suspicious that you may have an indoor air quality problem in your home, or you just want to get a professional opinion for peace of mind, contact our team of experts at Air Treatment, Inc.

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