From colorful fall leaves to springtime flowers, four distinct seasons provide an ever-changing backdrop to life in North Carolina. When it comes to your indoor comfort, however, each season comes with its own set of challenges. Extreme temperatures and uncomfortable humidity levels are just some of the conditions you count on your HVAC system to counter. Regular HVAC maintenance helps ensure that your heating and cooling systems work well every month of the year.

Year-Round Savings

In addition to making sure that your home is always comfortable, HVAC maintenance offers a wealth of financial benefits. The money you’ll save on lower energy bills in every season is worth the price alone. Well-tuned heating and cooling systems run more efficiently, expending less energy while delivering a higher level of comfort. They also last longer, saving you from the cost of an early replacement. Enrolling in a maintenance program at Air Treatment Inc. comes with extra perks too, including;

  • Preferred customer priority service
  • Service reminder notifications
  • A 10% discount on any repairs

For businesses in and around Greensboro, commercial HVAC plans are also available. Regularly scheduled care protects business owners from all of the costs associated with unplanned system outages.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

The best times to schedule maintenance services are before the heating and cooling seasons begin. Planning check-ups around seasonal time changes is a good option. During summer heat waves and winter freezes, HVAC contractors get busy performing emergency repairs on poorly maintained systems. Pre-season checkups ensure that you receive timely service while safeguarding you from unwanted costs year round.

Air Treatment Inc. has decades of experiences performing professional HVAC maintenance on a variety of heaters and air conditioners. We provide comprehensive checkups, cleanings and calibrations throughout Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Thomasville, NC, and the surrounding communities. For more information about how maintenance benefits you in every season, explore or our HVAC inspection services or call us at 336-790-3206.

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