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Getting your air conditioning serviced is an important step to ensure it will work properly through the hot summer months. Whether you are having air conditioning repair work performed, annual preventative maintenance, or even having new AC installed, we can help you get everything setup and ready to go for when the Air Treatment Inc expert arrives.

Clear Access to the Air Conditioning Unit

Make sure you know where your central air conditioning unit is located. In most cases, it will be placed along the side of your home, but that is not always the case. Once you know where the unit is physically placed, make sure it is easily accessible. Take some time to trim any weeds, grass, or other growth that is around it so that the service technician can easily get in and perform the air conditioning repair or service.

Know How to Use the Thermostat

Once the AC installation, repair, or service is completed, you’ll want to test out your air conditioning to ensure everything is working properly. To do this, you will need to be able to place your thermostat into cooling mode and adjust the temperature to get it to turn on. If you don’t already know how, make sure to look into this before the service technician arrives.

Clean Area Around the Furnace Area

Central air units cool the air outside, but then send it into your home furnace unit so that the cool air can be distributed throughout your home. When you are having your air conditioning serviced in Greensboro or the surrounding area, it may be necessary to inspect or work on the indoor equipment as well. With this in mind, make sure you locate and clear out the area around your furnace and ducting to ensure easy access.

Air Treatment Inc is Here for You

If you want to have your air conditioning serviced in Greensboro, Winston Salem, Kernersville, or the surrounding area, please give us a call at (336) 490-9261 to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to perform an AC installation, AC repair, or general AC service to ensure you are comfortable all summer long. You can also schedule an appointment online if you prefer.

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