Static might seem like a troublesome mystery, but it’s linked to your indoor air quality. You’ve likely encountered static electricity before, but you might not be aware of its relation to your indoor air quality. If you’ve ever walked down the hallway on a winter morning only to get zapped when you try to open a door, you also know how irritating and painful static shocks can be. They tend to happen more often during the winter months, but why? It all has to do with the properties of the air around us.

What Does My Indoor Air Have to Do with All Those Shocks?

The zaps might seem to be the result of dragging your socks across a carpet, and while that can increase the likelihood of getting shocked, the real cause is the air. During the winter, the air in your home will usually be much drier compared to the summertime. The heaters that keep your home warm remove moisture from the air, and there is no water to break up the electrons that collect and cling to us.

The hotter months of the year come along with more moisture in the air, and by extension, fewer static shocks.

Can I Do Anything about My Air Being Dry?

You aren’t doomed to another winter of being afraid of doorknobs. A humidifier can help make your air less dry, which can reduce the likelihood of getting shocked in your house. Dry air can also irritate your sinuses and make you feel dehydrated, so a humidifier’s benefits go beyond avoiding the wild hair you might get after slipping on a wooly sweater.

If you’re concerned about your indoor air quality, Air Treatment, Inc. is here to help. Contact us today with any questions you might have, and leave those annoying static shocks in the past.

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