Geothermal heat pumps use the nearly constant temperatures underground or underwater to make your High Point, North Carolina, home comfortable while using less energy than conventional systems. They have an indoor air handling unit and a network of submerged pipes filled with water or refrigerant. Since they don’t take up space in your yard like an outdoor HVAC unit, you’ll have more room for attractive landscaping or a backyard pool. You and your family can enjoy quiet operation, easy water heating, and lots of options for radiant heating with a geothermal HVAC system.

Quiet Operation

Without an outdoor HVAC unit, all the rooms in your home will be quieter. You won’t have to turn up the volume on your TV to enjoy a show, and you can have a conversation on the porch or patio without dealing with distracting noise. Also, most geothermal systems run consistently at different speeds and don’t startle people by coming on or shutting off suddenly.

Easy Water Heating

Many geothermal heat pumps can also act as water heaters. This makes heating a pool or hot tub easy and inexpensive, and you’ll have more space inside your home without a separate water heater.

Radiant Heating Options

With radiant or hydronic heating, pipes filled with hot water heat the floors in your home. This is more efficient because more heat stays near the floor instead of rising to the ceiling. Also, a warm floor feels great when you’re getting out of bed or stepping out of the shower. Many people install radiant systems in just the bedrooms and bathrooms for extra comfort and supplemental heating on very cold days.

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