Air Treatment Inc - EnergyGuide Label on My New Air Conditioning Systemn your products, in addition to looking for Energy Star products, will help you have peace of mind. You’ll be able to verify you’re not throwing money away by using inefficient products that increase your utility bills.

The EnergyGuide Label Identifies Energy Efficiency Levels

The US Department of Energy (DOE) sets strict standards, as part of the Appliance Standards Program, for all major appliances. To verify energy efficiency and use of their products, all manufacturers must use specific test procedures set by the DOE using this program. Manufacturers are then required to provide the results of these tests on the yellow EnergyGuide label that’s shown on many of their appliances.

However, it’s important to note that an EnergyGuide label does not necessarily mean products are energy efficient. The yellow EnergyGuide label showcases an appliance’s energy usage with its approximate annual operating costs. It also compares the energy usage of products in the same category. Keep in mind your exact energy costs will vary based on your local utility rates and the source of the energy used.

Only if the appliance has the EnergyStar rating can you trust that it’s an energy efficient appliance. All appliances that qualify for the EnergyStar rating are also required to carry the EnergyGuide label.

If you are ready to find out if your home’s HVAC system is energy efficient, get in touch with our energy efficiency experts at Air Treatment, Inc. We’ll help you to determine if and where you can save money with increased energy efficiency.

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