Air Treatment Inc - Should I Cover My A/C Unit in the Winter

Heat pump unit on the side of a home in winter.

It’s a common question when it comes to heating and air conditioning, but the answer might surprise you.

There are a few uncertainties that seem to come up on a yearly basis when people are figuring out how to maintain their heating and air conditioning units. One of the most frequent inquiries is whether an air conditioning unit should be covered up in the winter. It might seem like common sense to protect your equipment from the elements, but the truth is that covering your unit isn’t necessary. In fact, it can do more harm than good.

Your Heating or Air Conditioning Unit Can Handle the Cold

Your unit is a piece of outdoor equipment designed to stand up to harsh weather – which is why it costs so much! The equipment can withstand even extreme temperatures, from scorching summer days to freezing winter nights. This hardiness makes getting a cover an unnecessary expense you’d be better off avoiding.

A Cover Can Turn Your AC Unit into a Haven for Unwanted Guests

If you’d like to get a cover to keep your air conditioner looking better on the outside, consider that the unit’s interior might suffer as a result. A cover turns it into the ideal living space for pests like mice as they try to avoid the cold of winter. These stowaways aren’t good tenants, as they only make things more expensive. You could end up needing repairs for chewed up wiring and damaged components.

Sometimes your location will mean some shelter is needed (for instance, if you regularly experience heavy snowfall), but for more information about covers and how to take care of your unit, it is well worth contacting a professional. To learn about heating and air conditioning unit maintenance, get in touch with our team of experts at Air Treatment, Inc. today.

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