Did you know you can control your Kernersville, North Carolina, home’s temperature no matter where you are? With a Wi-Fi thermostat, all you need is an internet connection to stay connected to your HVAC system. Take your heating and cooling control to the next level!

All About Wi-Fi Thermostats

A Wi-Fi thermostat connects to your home internet service and allows you to remotely check and control the system from your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other device. All you need to do is open the thermostat app and make your adjustments.

Wi-Fi thermostats were originally intended for vacationers wanting to monitor their home’s status while away from home, but the demand for app-enabled technology has made them popular among all types of homeowners. In fact, Wi-Fi thermostats are quickly becoming the new standard in heating and cooling technology.

Straightforward Programming

Programmable thermostats are energy-efficient, and easy to program. And if you want to reprogram the thermostat to adjust to a new schedule, it’s a little more involved.

With a Wi-Fi thermostat, programming is easier because you simply download the app and enter your desired temperatures and times. There’s no need to reprogram the thermostat when your schedule changes because you have complete control over it no matter where you are.

Learning Capabilities

Depending on the model, some Wi-Fi thermostats can “learn” your schedule and calculate temperature fluctuations to match your schedule. Certain models even offer a geofence feature that tracks your device and kicks on when you enter a specified geographic radius around your home. In other words, it can crank up the air conditioner when you’re a few miles from home, ensuring things are cooled off to your liking when you return.


A Wi-Fi thermostat can alert you to a variety of information using the corresponding app. It can tell you if you need to change the air filter, need more refrigerant, or have a clogged evaporator coil.

Find out how a Wi-Fi thermostat can change your life by calling Air Treatment Inc. at 336-790-3206. We’ll inspect your HVAC and recommend suitable devices to improve your home’s efficiency. 

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