Learn how to make your home more energy efficient with proper HVAC zoning.

Today’s homeowners are all about being more energy efficient. Whether you want to go green in your home by reducing energy use, or you simply want to save money, zoning is a viable solution. Now is a great time to learn how HVAC zoning works and how you can use it to conserve energy in your home. You may even be able to save money with tax breaks or discounts on your homeowner’s insurance thanks to your energy efficiency. Keep reading to get the scoop straight from the experts.

HVAC Zoning for Energy Usage

The basic idea of heating and air conditioning zoning is that you can heat and cool only the areas that need it. Stop warming up rooms that no one uses, such as guest rooms or craft rooms. Instead focus on the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms to save money.

Here’s how HVAC zoning works in homes:

  • Work with an HVAC professional who can set up a thermostat in each room.
  • Control the temperatures of each room, or set a timer for cooling or heating at certain times when you know you will be home.
  • No more wasting money and electricity heating and cooling empty rooms or areas you don’t use. This is especially useful for larger homes and empty nesters who have plenty of space. By getting your house zoned for proper HVAC use you are also reducing the wear and tear on your unit.

Why Zoning Is Good for Energy Reduction

When you aren’t using your heating and air conditioning in rooms you don’t use regularly, it’s just smart thinking. If you are trying to be more eco-friendly, either for personal reasons or for financial purposes, this method is ideal.

Ready to zone your HVAC system? Contact our team of energy efficiency experts at Air Treatment, Inc., today and we will help your house become more energy efficient.

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