One of the best ways to reduce the allergens and improve the air quality in your home is to ensure your heating and air conditioning system is working in your favor.

Regularly changing your HVAC filter is one of the quickest and easiest ways to begin cleaning the air in your home. The HVAC fan that circulates air throughout your home draws air from inside, forces it through the filter, and then disperses it throughout your home via the duct system. Your furnace filter should be checked for cleanliness every few months and replaced as necessary.

Better Heating and Air Conditioning through Humidity Control

When it comes to humidity in your home, keeping it between 30% and 50% will help you maintain a healthy environment. Too much humidity will make your home damp and can result in mold growth, while too little can lead to overly dry air. Running an air conditioner in the summer when humidity is high can reduce dampness by circulating and cooling the air in your home. In the winter, if your furnace has a built-in humidifier, it can effectively regulate the humidity in your home to avoid extreme dryness.

Beyond Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

There are some other ways to keep the air in your home primed for easier breathing. Cleaning with natural and odor-free products and opening your doors and windows during nicer weather can keep the air inside your home circulating and fresh.

Overall, making a few minor changes can dramatically affect the cleanliness and breathability of the air in your home. Our team of experts at Air Treatment, Inc., is here to help you learn how you can enhance your heating and air conditioning system to improve the air quality in your home.

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