Air Treatment Inc - Increase the Efficiency and Life of My Home’s Heating and Cooling Systemtment of Energy estimates nearly half of your home’s utility bill is made up heating and cooling costs? So one out of every two dollars you spend on utilities is directly related to your home’s HVAC system. And if it’s not running efficiently, the number can go up even higher. Yikes!

3 Ways to Ensure Your HVAC System Is Running Efficiently

There are a lot of ways you can improve your system’s utility and usage, but here are a few of the simplest to get you started:

  1. Make sure your HVAC air filters are clean. Clogged and dirty air filters make it hard for your system to do its job. As a result, the unit will draw extra power and run for longer periods of time to do the same job. This wastes not only natural resources but also your hard-earned money.
  2. Keep things in tune. As in, tuned up and well maintained. Similar to problems with dirty air filters, a system with faltering fan belts, coils, or other pieces will run less efficiently. Have an HVAC technician come check things out once or twice a year to ensure your system remains in tip-top shape for as long as possible.
  3. Check the system’s age. In the last decade or so, there have been incredible advances in heating and cooling efficiency. If your unit is on the older side, your utility bill could be suffering from the excess energy usage associated with older models. Consider upgrading now to save yourself the hassle of waiting for a dying unit to finally kick the bucket.

Have More Questions About Your HVAC System?

Contact our team of climate control experts at Air Treatment, Inc., today, and we’ll schedule one of our HVAC energy efficiency specialists to head out to your home or business right away.

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