If things are getting stinky when you turn on your heat for the first time in a while, it may be telling you something about your heating and air conditioning system.

That smoky or dusty smell that you experience the first time you power up your heating and air conditioning unit for the winter is likely from a buildup of dust in your duct work. Since you have been running the air conditioner and not the furnace, you may not have realized just how much dirt and debris has settled into your home duct system.

Is Something Wrong with My Heating and Air Conditioning System?

When you fired up your system for the first time, all of that dust and debris left over from the previous nine months or so basically cooked – resulting in the smoky, burnt smell you’re experiencing. If you experience this odor, it is a sign that you should get your system checked soon. The longer the smell lingers, the more debris there was inside your ducts and system.

Other odors when you use your system could be a sign of trouble as well. If your air smells musty or dirty, you could have too much moisture or condensation. Mildew and mold overgrowth could impact the air quality of your home.

What Should I Do If the Air Smells Bad When I Heat My Home?

A seasonal checkup by a skilled HVAC technician will help put your mind at ease and identify any issues with your system. Having your system checked twice a year as the seasons change is the best way to ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible and that your home is comfortable for your family.

Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Made Simple

If you’ve just powered up your unit for the first time and it smells like something is burning, it’s time to get a checkup from our team of experts at Air Treatment, Inc. Contact the pros at Air Treatment, Inc. today to set up a maintenance plan.

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