A geothermal system allows for impressive energy efficiency, along with many other advantages.

If you’re looking to raise your energy efficiency while saving money in the long term, a geothermal system might be the answer to your problems. Just as your refrigerator transfers heat from within it to your house, a geothermal system pulls heat from the ground and brings it into your home. When you need to cool down, the system works in reverse and transfers heat from your home’s interior to the outside.

How Energy Efficient Is It, and What Else Will It Do for Me?

So what makes a geothermal system so great? Because it doesn’t need to consume fuel to warm your home, it is much more efficient than traditional heating systems. On the flip side, it also requires much less energy for cooling. Traditional AC units use outside air, while a geothermal system removes existing heat from one place and puts it elsewhere. In fact, compared to even the most efficient furnaces, geothermal systems have an efficiency that is four times higher! Switching to geothermal heating and cooling can cut your monthly bills in half, but the benefits don’t end there.

Consider these advantages to using geothermal for your HVAC:

  • Geothermal units are much quieter than traditional heaters and air conditioning units.
  • The wear and tear inflicted by nature doesn’t have as much of an impact on geothermal systems. The most critical components are protected by their location, which is either underground or inside your house.
  • Because it uses the sun as its primary energy source, geothermal heating is the most renewable, environmentally-friendly way to keep your home comfortable.
  • Due to a lack of combustion, geothermal pumps don’t have any risk of releasing harmful carbon monoxide.
  • Geothermal systems can outlast even well-maintained furnaces and can run smoothly for over 15 years after installation.

The Efficiency of a Geothermal System Trumps the Cost

Installation is easily the biggest drawback of switching to geothermal, as the price can be rather steep. Although it depends on many factors, the final cost can fall between 10 and 30 thousand dollars—not a small amount by any means. However, the money you stand to save thanks to the efficiency of the system can make up the difference in a surprisingly short amount of time. Making this switch is an investment, but it’s one that you’ll likely be glad you made.

To learn more about geothermal systems and how you can make the most of their energy efficiency, contact our team at Air Treatment, Inc. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about everything from new energy solutions to HVAC system maintenance.

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