These days, homes are being built more “air-tight” then ever before, which is a positive for the efficiency of your HVAC system, but poses a new problem: lack of circulation with your indoor air concentrates pollutants and results in a low level of indoor air quality.

This is a concern because this is the air you and your family breathes the most; while you’re sleeping and any other time you’re at home.

How Can A Whole House Ventilator Help?

You need a solution that circulates the air in your home more than simply opening the windows; this may be feasible during some parts of the year but when your HVAC is running, you’ll see your energy costs skyrocket.

A Whole House Ventilator Exchanges Indoor and Outdoor Air

The beauty of a whole home ventilator is that not only does it circulate the air in your home, it can also exchange incoming cold air and outgoing hot air and vice versa, increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Here are the benefits you’ll see from having a whole home ventilator installed in your home:

  • Higher indoor air quality. Your family can enjoy cleaner air immediately without opening any windows or doors.
  • Energy efficient operation. A whole home ventilator not only is extremely efficient itself, it keeps your heating system running efficiently by recovering lost heat.

Your indoor air quality may be low, whether you know it or not. Contact the experts in home ventilation at Air Treatment, Inc. for more information.

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