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Almost half of the people worldwide own animals and treat them as part of their families. Pets in your home release dander, which can hurt the indoor air quality. Your pets can affect the indoor air quality in several ways in Rural Hall, NC.

What Are the Impacts of Pets on Your Air Quality?

Pet dander is small but can affect your indoor air quality in a big way. Dander is light and jagged, which means it floats more easily and sticks to fabric items more easily. Those characteristics are why pet dander spreads so quickly throughout your home.

Pet dander is a common allergy for people and can cause a variety of symptoms. Congestion, sneezing, coughing, and runny noses are common symptoms from pet dander, but skin rashes can also appear. Cats and dogs are the worst offenders for people with allergies, and dogs are the most common pets in a household.

Which Pets Are Better for Your Air Quality?

Pet dander comes from pets with feathers or fur, but not every pet releases dander equally. Consider people with allergies in your home when looking for a pet to adopt. If you’d like to have a pet and keep your indoor air quality healthy, have our professionals inspect your HVAC system and offer solutions.

Cats and dogs shed the most fur and dander into the air, and cats shed more than dogs. Small rodents like hamsters and rabbits shed, but their cages limit how much they contaminate the indoor air quality. Birds also shed dander.

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How Do You Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

There are several steps you can take to improve your air quality with pets. Vacuum your rugs and furniture often, and clean hardwood floors with a microfiber cloth. You should also change your HVAC air filter often. We offer air purifiers and air cleaners that can keep your air healthy by removing pollen, dander, and a host of other biologic pollutants. and

You should bathe your pets regularly because, in addition to pet dander, when pets go outside, they bring in other allergens on their fur. Common contaminants that your dog can bring in include dust and pollen. Brushing your dogs and letting them sleep in their own beds can help to cut down on pet dander contamination.

The worst kind of pet hair that contaminates the air quality is long, straight, and thick. Short pet hair sheds the least, and curly hair stops dander from escaping until you brush it. If you have questions about your indoor air quality or HVAC systems in Rural Hall, NC, call us at Air Treatment to schedule an appointment today.

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