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Ductless air conditioners are comfortable and energy-efficient systems, and as such, they are popular in Bellew’s Creek, NC. However, when they have problems, it’s essential to call an experienced professional to have it fixed. Although ductless systems are very reliable, they sometimes do have issues. Here are common issues you might encounter with your ductless HVAC conditioning system.

Poor Drainage

When condensation doesn’t properly drain, it might cause problems with the cooling aspect of the system. All air conditioners pull moisture from the air so there are chances that moisture will collect and condense on the cooling coils. Also, the air conditioner might have drainage issues if it’s not installed correctly.

High Energy Costs

Faulty ductless HVAC systems tend to consume too much energy, translating to higher utility bills. Always assess your monthly bills and compare them with previous month’s cooling expenses.

It’s important to note that ductless systems require regular maintenance. A technician can spot any developing issues with your system during routine maintenance and offer the most appropriate solution. An early fix could save your system and help reduce your utility bills.

Faulty Compressor

Ductless air conditioner compressors sit inside the outdoor cabinet. Compressors exert pressure on the refrigerant , and if there is a problem, you might notice hot air blowing instead of cold air. You can’t fix a compressor on your own, but a technician can correct the system and restore it to the original state.

Weird Noises

Sometimes your ductless system might produce an odd or loud noise. That’s an indicator that something is wrong with the system, and you should contact a technician.

Although ductless mini-split systems are effective, they sometimes experience problems. Certified technicians suggest that you have maintenance on the systems once or twice a year to prevent and detect such issues.

Contact Air Treatment today for help maintaining or repairing your ductless unit. If you experience any of the above issues, never hesitate to contact us to help fix the problem.

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