Many houseplants can improve your indoor air quality by removing harmful chemicals like xylene and benzene from your High Point, North Carolina, home. They also make your house look more welcoming and attractive. Unfortunately, some houseplants can increase your allergy symptoms with pollen. Some can also attract bacteria and other microorganisms. Some of the most common houseplants that can cause allergies are weeping fig, juniper, daisies, and chamomile.

Weeping Fig

Weeping fig or ficus trees produce sap that can attach to dust particles. It has similar proteins to latex, so many people with latex allergies have reactions to this plant as well. Instead of a ficus, buy a yucca tree. The thin, pointed leaves give it a unique look, and it can help purify your home’s air instead of adding allergens. You can also use an artificial ficus tree or add an air purifier


Juniper or cedar bonsai trees often irritate people with tree allergies. Watering or pruning the tree can cause rashes, so you should wear gloves and keep the plant away from kids to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.


Daisies are popular in summer flower arrangements, but they’re related to ragweed. People often react to the pollen, flowers, leaves, and even extracts made from the plant. It can lead to hay fever, rashes, hives, and many other unpleasant symptoms. For hypoallergenic white blooms in summer, try fall phloxIt blooms throughout the summer, and its fragrant flowers come in white, pink, rose, red, and lavender.


This herb is excellent for a calming tea, but its pollen can cause hay fever. The leaves and flowers can cause rashes, and some people have reactions from drinking tea that contains it. Instead, try English lavender. It also makes a great tea, and it has beautiful purple flowers that bloom from late spring to midsummer.

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