Air Treatment Inc - What Advantages Do I Get by Having a Maintenance Agreementto manage. A maintenance agreement helps to ensure your equipment remains in optimal condition and functions properly for the entirety of its lifespan.

Discover the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Air Treatment Inc. recommends a maintenance agreement to all home and business owners. Maintenance agreements leave the messy details to the professionals, allowing homeowners to enjoy their furnace without fretting over routine maintenance.

Customers with maintenance agreements receive two yearly maintenance checks, which include a variety of important functions and benefits. Trained technicians check your thermostat, R-22 levels, voltage and amps, air temperatures, the heat exchanger, the flues and exhaust.

At Air Treatment Inc., our qualified technicians check the outdoor coil, control wiring, defrost cycles, and compressor. Analysis of furnace components allows for early detection of issues and prevents large, expensive repairs later on.

In addition to a thorough review, maintenance agreements include two yearly cleanings of the outer coil, filter changes when necessary, safety control adjustments and burner cleanings.

Is a Maintenance Agreement with Air Treatment, Inc., Right for You?

If your scheduled maintenance reveals an issue, Air Treatment, Inc., maintenance agreement members receive 10% off on all repair services. Not only do maintenance agreements offer improved system performance and longer equipment lifespan, but if an issue arises you’re guaranteed the best rate on repairs.

Do you have questions about maintenance agreements and the benefits you can expect from them? Are you interested in protecting your heating and cooling systems with a yearly maintenance agreement? Contact our team of experts at Air Treatment, Inc., to sign up or to learn more about the maintenance agreement that’s right for you.

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