If you are looking to buy a new furnace for your home in Summerfield, North Carolina, you should look for one of the latest units with high-tech features. These features ensure higher work efficiency, lower operational costs and convenience. Here are five features you want to have in your new furnace:

High Efficiency Rating

Furnaces with higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings can reduce your utility bills by 20%-21% as compared to standard furnaces. Consider getting a unit with an AFUE rating of 90%-97%. While these furnaces can be more costly, they will prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Zoned System Furnaces

If you’ve experienced cold and hot spots in your home, consider a furnace with a zoning system. It divides your home into separate zones that have separate thermostats for temperature control. With these, you can control the temperature setting in each room independently.

Two-Stage Furnaces

Two-stage furnaces can operate at high and low capacities. You will be able to get better energy efficiency and temperature stability because your furnace will work at a lower capacity most of the time to maintain the indoor temperature.

Variable Speed Furnaces

These furnaces have indoor blower motors that can move at variable speeds. That allows for better control of the airflow through your home. Also, the variable speed motors are at least 85% more efficient than standard ones, making sure you only use the energy you need for heating, and that results in more energy savings.

Natural Gas Furnaces

While furnaces work on electricity, oil, or natural gas, it is much less expensive to operate them with natural gas. You can also consider getting a furnace that functions using an air source heat pump. It can reduce your utility bills as well.

For professional furnace installation, contact Air Treatment Inc. We will send over one of our experienced, certified HVAC technicians to to perform repairs, maintenance or assess and recommend a new installation, if needed.

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