Sheet metal fabrication is the engineering of metal to create desired shapes. In High Point, NC, the manufacture of sheet metal is instrumental in ductwork. Let’s look at the process by answering the four most common sheet metal fabrication FAQs.

How Is the Metal Processed?

CAD designing allows professionals to accomplish the most complex structuring without a lot of work. Once approved designs are on paper, metal goes through the fabrication process that entails the cutting, bending and joining of segments. This requires a pro’s touch because you want expertise for exacting accuracy.

Why Is It Used in Ductwork in High Point, NC?

Sheet metal fabrication ensures a design that fits. Professionals will find the best ways to install ductwork without disrupting the aesthetics of your business or commercial building. They’ll create a tight fit for your building that’s efficient to your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Fabrication?

Metal used in the fabrication process is extremely flexible. Technicians ensure the metal is shaped to your unique space requirements, and welding ensures permanent stabilization. Professionals perform cutting with the latest tech, like laser cutting machines under the guidance of skilled fabricators.

Is It Expensive?

The process isn’t cost-prohibitive considering that your system will save money and keep you safe and comfortable by reducing the likelihood of air leaks. Price will always vary depending on the scope of the project. Professionals adhere to the strictest standards in design, construction and installation, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Air Treatment puts our reputation behind our sheet metal fabrication. Our commercial customers in High Point, NC, know to expect quality service. To find out more about sheet metal fabrication and how it improves systems and safety in your home, contact Air Treatment and speak with one of our professional sheet metal fabricators.

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