When you live in the Greenboro, NC area, it’s only natural to keep your windows closed tight during the winter season. A snug home helps everyone stay warm and cozy, and of course, it saves you on heating costs too. Unfortunately, sealing your home against the cold weather can also trap harmful air pollutants inside. In every season, poor indoor air quality is one of the country’s top five environmental health risks. It’s especially problematic when the weather is too cold to let fresh air indoors. A few key strategies can help everyone breathe healthier air.

What’s in the Air?

From damp carpets to household cleaners, products that release gases into the air are the primary sources of indoor air pollution. Over time, these emissions can contribute to the development of serious medical conditions like heart disease and lung cancer. Indoor allergens play a big role too. During the winter, common allergy triggers include dust mites, animal dander and biological contaminants. Allergy symptoms triggered by these pollutants range from coughing and sneezing to runny noses and itchy eyes.

Allergy-Fighting Tactics

While there’s presently no cure for allergies, you can help manage symptoms by reducing the number of triggers in your home. When addressing the problem, remember it’s the microscopic allergens that pose the most danger. That’s because tiny particulates are inhaled deep into your lungs. They also tend to stay in the air longer than other pollutants. These tips can help you win the war against unhealthful allergens:

  • Keep dust at bay with good housekeeping. Dust is a sticky substance that works like a magnet to attract allergens like mites and animal dander.
  • Use a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. These highly efficient filters can capture up to 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns or larger.
  • Wash bedding in hot water once each week. Avoid purchasing accessories like throw pillows that you can’t toss into your washer and dryer.
  • When cooking or bathing, use exhaust fans to vent pollutants outdoors. Make sure your dryer vent operates properly too.

Remodeling Tip! The right kind of flooring can also alleviate allergy symptoms. Bare floors accumulate a fraction of the allergens that collect on wall-to-wall carpeting. Rugs that can be washed periodically offer a more healthful option.

Combustion Pollutants

When not properly maintained, HVAC systems that burn fuel to generate heat can also be sources of indoor pollution. Fuel-fired heaters are designed to vent harmful byproducts created during the combustion process outside. The most dangerous of these substances is carbon monoxide (CO), an invisible, odorless gas. Because CO robs the body of oxygen, high levels can lead to death. The best way to safeguard your family from dangerous combustion pollutants is to schedule professional maintenance before winter arrives.

Air Purifiers

Whole-house air purifiers work with your existing HVAC systems to clean the air during the winter. The equipment is simply added to the ductwork in your forced-air heating system. Some air purifiers use physical barriers like filters to trap small particulates. Others feature electrically charged plates that attract and capture particles. Carrier’s Infinity Air Purifier also kills common pathogens, germs and other biological contaminants. This award-winning product performing up to eight cleaning cycles per hour.

HVAC Solutions from Air Treatment, Inc.

With 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry, Air Treatment is the company people in the Greensboro, NC area turn to for air quality solutions. From CO alarms to ventilation systems, we offer an array of products designed to protect you from unhealthy air. We want all of our clients in Greensboro and the surrounding communities to enjoy a healthy and comfortable home environment. For more information about enhancing your health at home, explore our indoor air quality section or call 336-790-3206 to schedule an air quality evaluation. Our highly trained service technicians can conduct an air quality test in your home in just 30 minutes.

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