Purchasing a new heat pump for your North Carolina home can easily become overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. To streamline your search and get you up to speed on the latest heat pump technology, the Air Treatment team created this handy guide to upgrades. From Energy Star certification to Greenspeed intelligence, look for these six heat pump features when you upgrade.

Energy Star Certification

Whether you want to reduce your impact on the planet or you want to save money on your electric bill, choosing an energy-efficient heat pump is important. Our team recommends looking for heat pumps that have earned the Energy Star certification, which means that they meet or exceed national efficiency standards.

To have this certification, heat pumps must have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of at least 15 and a heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) rating of at least 8.5. These two ratings make sure that your new heat pump runs as efficiently as possible when it’s cooling your home in the summer and when it’s heating your home in the winter.

Scroll Compressor

When you invest in a new heat pump, a scroll compressor makes sure that you’ll never have to compromise your comfort. It’s easy to see why these high-tech compressors are much more desirable than the fixed-stage compressors that most older heat pumps have. Unlike fixed-stage compressors, which only offer full-capacity cooling output, scroll compressors can adjust the cooling output in your home in very small increments. That means you’ll never feel too hot or too cold with precise temperature controls.

Variable-Speed Blower Motor

Like scroll compressors, variable-speed blower motors let your heat pump take your comfort to an entirely new level. Variable-speed blower motors keep your heat pump running at a low level throughout the day, only kicking it into a higher gear when necessary. This constant low-level operation improves energy efficiency and makes sure that the temperature in your home doesn’t have to drop several degrees before your heat pump turns on.

Noise Reduction

Temperature isn’t the only factor that influences your comfort level at home. Noise can also be an issue for heating and cooling systems, especially when they first start up. While many of the newest heat pumps are engineered for quiet operation, you’ll want to set your sights on a model like the Infinity 20 heat pump for a system that’s whisper-quiet. This model features a compressor sound blanket and a Silencer System to make sure that it won’t wake you up, drown out conversations, or make movie night impossible to hear.

Greenspeed Intelligence

Our team always recommends Carrier heat pumps, and we think you’ll love the advanced Greenspeed intelligence feature that many new models offer. This system effectively combines the heat pump’s adaptable-speed technology with smart controls. When you invest in both the heat pump and the control, you’ll enjoy the perfect temperature and optimal energy efficiency year round. You’ll also love the level of control that you gain, since you can create customized temperature programs and adjust the settings from almost anywhere.

Indoor Air Quality Capabilities

If your family deals with allergies, if your home has humidity issues, or if the dust never seems to stop piling up, you’ll love getting a better handle on your home’s indoor air quality. In the past, your only option may have been adjusting the humidity settings on your thermostat or placing a portable air purifier in dusty rooms.

Today, you can put your indoor air quality concerns to rest by purchasing a heat pump designed to combat airborne pollutants. The best new models work seamlessly with whole-home dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and energy-recovery ventilators, so they can keep your home’s air quality high around the clock. Even better, you can control many of these HVAC features from your smart thermostat, so all of the controls are in one convenient place. Don’t hesitate to ask our team for advice on improving your home’s air quality while saving energy at the same time.

Whether you want to schedule an installation or learn more about heat pump models, we’re at your service. Call the HVAC experts at Air Treatment today.

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