Investing in a smart thermostat is a wise choice for homeowners in Fayetteville, NC. Unlike a manual thermostat, a smart thermostat comes with a set of intelligent features to optimize temperature regulation, particularly during summer. Below are a few benefits of installing a smart thermostat in your home.

1. Minimal Energy Costs

One of the most significant perks to owning a smart thermostat is less energy consumption, which helps you save on your utility bills. Typically, getting a smart thermostat installed is a hefty initial investment, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Some smart thermostats come with built-in occupancy sensors that detect your presence and gradually adjusts to your schedule. Energy waste is entirely out of the picture since this thermostat turns down the climate control unit whenever you’re away. Research shows that for an average consumer, the energy usage scales down by approximately 23% annually.

Moreover, smart thermostats are automatic. They detect the outdoor temperature and use it to adjust the indoor temperature accordingly. The thermostat does all the temperature control, so there’s no risk of human error leading to wasted energy.

2. Remote Access

Commonly known as Wi-Fi thermostats, smart thermostats establish a wireless connection to your smartphone or laptop. Remote access means that you can adjust the temperature from afar if needed, and you only require an internet connection.

Thermostat mobile apps enable you to set the temperature conditions and timer for your thermostat without moving an inch. Incorporating advanced integrated systems like Google Assistant or Alexa allows you to control your thermostat using voice commands. Before heading home from work, you could command your thermostat to start cooling so that you arrive in an entirely cool and comfortable environment with good, clean air.

3. Monitor Energy Usage

Most smart thermostats have a home energy profile that tells you how much energy you’re consuming. The thermostat apps also provide you with absolute control over your cooling schedule.

Wi-Fi thermostats generate monthly real-time energy consumption reports and graphs. From this data, you can precisely identify the reason for spikes in your energy bills. Making the necessary adjustments will significantly help you cut back on bills while still enjoying a cool indoor climate.

4. Advanced Technology

Smart thermostats can come with highly precise sensors that detect whether there’s anybody home. Over time, these sensors learn and gradually adjust to your movement patterns.

Most thermostats only require you to set your desired temperature and outline your normal routine. With this information, the thermostat primarily regulates the temperature to ensure that you’re comfortable whenever you’re indoors.

Different from manual thermostats, Wi-Fi thermostats are programmable, and their precision is top-notch. Upon making operational settings for the thermostat, it works as programmed, easing your home’s temperature control. Smart thermostats also come with an easily readable LCD screen that facilitates convenient programming.

Smart thermostats can reduce the burden on your HVAC, especially when you’re away. If you’re stepping out for the day, you could turn your HVAC up and program the thermostat to cool it back down a few hours before you return.

5. Climate Zoning

Homeowners with bigger houses might want different temperature ranges for various rooms. Using only an HVAC system to provide a constant cool temperature throughout your house might be a little strenuous for the unit.

The occupancy sensors of the smart thermostat ensure that every room or area (zone) retains the desired temperature. Moreover, only the rooms in use undergo regulation, so there’s less chance for energy wastage.

For instance, if your family is all in the living room, the smart thermostat only regulates temperature within that area. Zoned systems are very beneficial in large homes, especially for people who have different preferences in terms of temperature control.

A smart thermostat is undoubtedly a crucial addition to your HVAC unit. Contact Air Treatment Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your appointment for this update to your AC system.

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