Everyone wants to improve the air quality of their High Point, North Carolina, home. We spend so much time in our homes that it is only natural to want to make them more comfortable. Fortunately, making it easier to breathe at home is a simple thing to do. Here are five ways to breathe cleaner air at home.

Change the Filter

The first thing that you should try is to change the filter in your HVAC unit. If you cannot remember the last time that you changed it and you know it has been months, it is probably overdue. Most HVAC systems should have their filters changed every three months. This varies based on the type of filter that you have installed. Filters that have a higher filtration rate may need to be changed more often. Likewise, if there is a smelly event in your home, like burning dinner, you may need to change the filter sooner.

Clean the Returns and Vents

Make sure that you are cleaning the exposed parts of your HVAC system regularly. That includes the registers and vents, as well as the handler (indoor unit). HVAC units draw air in through vents and send it back out through returns. If these parts are dirty, that means that your HVAC system is likely pulling a lot of dirt in. Plus, it is spreading the dust that accumulates on the vents and registers around the house. Simply wipe them clean with a dry lint-catching rag. This will help keep the spread of dust particles to a minimum. You should do this as a part of your regular cleaning schedule.

Keep Floors Clean

Floors are arguably the dirtiest parts of your house, as you walk on them constantly. Even if you don’t wear shoes in the house (which you shouldn’t since it tracks in anything you stepped on outside) you can still leave a lot on your floors. Anything that ends up on your floors can be sucked into the HVAC system, especially since most HVAC systems have intake vents that are close to the ground. Clean your floors regularly, especially around your HVAC unit. This will help you reduce the amount of dirt that would normally get circulated in your home by keeping it out of the system. Plus, it will help preserve the filter in your HVAC unit longer.

Air Out Your Home

If you need a quick improvement in your indoor air quality, air out your home. Open the windows to let fresh air in. This will not only bring in the fresh air, but it will also help blow dirty air out of your house. Make sure that you open windows and doors on both sides of your house. That way, air flows through it. If you have doors that can blow in the wind, make sure that you put a doorstop by them as increased airflow can cause doors to blow shut unexpectedly. You can also adjust the temperature on your thermostat and turn the fan on. This will ensure that the system is moving the clean air throughout the house.

Prevent Smoke and Smells

One of the most effective ways of improving air quality is through prevention. Many people experience problems after a specific event, like burning dinner or bringing something particularly smelly into the house. If you can stop these things from happening, you can keep the air quality in your house high.

Cleaning your house from top to bottom regularly can also greatly improve the air quality by preventing smells from building up.

Every house can have better air quality. Your HVAC system works like a giant air purifier. Call the pros at Air Treatment Inc at 336-790-3206 to perform all of the needed maintenance regularly.

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