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Packaged Units

When it comes to heating and cooling, you may be a bit confused by the term “packaged unit.” You’ve probably heard of heat pumps and furnaces, but what exactly is a packaged unit?

What Is a Packaged Unit?

Packaged systems are a streamlined approach to heating and cooling. The unit contains both heating and cooling components, including the evaporator, condenser, compressor, and others.

Instead of installing multiple units in various locations in and around your house, the system’s components are all contained within a single, space-saving unit. And the best part? Packaged units can be installed outdoors – even on a roof. This makes them ideal for a variety of situations, especially those where indoor space may be tight.

What Are The Options?

All packaged systems are specially designed to house your heating and cooling equipment in a single unit, but they aren’t identical. Depending on your building and energy efficiency needs, you can choose from the following types of units:

  • Heat pump - Heats and cools your home efficiently and effectively by transferring hot and cool air into and out of your space.
  • Hybrid or dual fuel - While primarily using an electric heat pump, these also provide the option of leveraging gas heat.
  • Gas/electric - Switches from gas heating to electric cooling, allowing you maximum fuel flexibility.

When Does a Packaged Unit Make Sense?

The most common reason to opt for a packaged unit is when optimizing your interior square feet. The ability to be housed outside frees up space previously occupied by a furnace, boiler, or other interior system.

Still have lingering questions? Wondering about the efficiency or affordability of a packaged unit? Ask one of our experienced professionals your questions, and we’ll get you the answer.

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