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Next to temperature, nothing affects your personal comfort more than the level of humidity. Much like Goldilocks, you know the range you need to feel just right. Too dry and you feel dehydrated, with irritated sinuses, eyes, and skin. Too much humidity and you feel constantly damp, with moisture beading and condensing on a variety of surfaces, including your skin.

The Definition of Humidity

Humidity is basically the amount of water or moisture in the air. High humidity can make you feel sweaty and sticky. It can also weigh down straight hair or cause curly hair to frizz. Some people equate it with how they feel inside of a sauna.

However, lack of humidity is no treat either. When air is too dry, you may suffer from a variety of symptoms: dry skin, dry mouth, a barking cough, and even nose bleeds. This is especially bad for people with respiratory problems or asthma. For them, the dry air can feel painful, setting off endless coughing fits or triggering asthmatic symptoms.

What Is the Right Humidity Solution?

Everyone has different needs, but if any of the symptoms described above sound like issues plaguing you, then humidity control solutions would definitely help. It’s not unusual for your needs to vary by season, either. You may need help with dehumidification in summer, and humidification in winter. But the good news is your solution can be directly integrated into your home, giving you one less hassle to worry about.

What Humidity Control Options Are There?

People frequently attempt to solve their humidity control problems with inexpensive solutions like steam humidifiers or dehumidifying air conditioners. While it may work for them, they end up spending a lot of money on replacing these temporary solutions every year or two.

They also lack the ability to truly fine tune and control the humidity inside their whole house. Temporary fixes like those are usually only good for use in a single, small room.

Where Can I Learn More?

If you live near Greensboro, the best next step you can take is to contact our experts here at Air Treatment, Inc. Our friendly professionals are standing by, ready to answer all of your humidity control questions. Schedule your in-home evaluation today, and you’ll be on the path to solving your indoor humidity issues.

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