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Geothermal Systems

Have you been considering making the switch to a geothermal heat pump? Did you know it’s a great way to save money on your energy bill? It’s a fantastic change that will benefit both your bank account and the planet, all while keeping your home or business consistently comfortable.

Geothermal: How it Works

Did you know the ground absorbs almost half of the solar energy reaching Earth? The result is the ground remains a steady, moderate temperature just below the surface, regardless of the season.

However, air temperature can fluctuate greatly. This makes traditional air-source heating and cooling units less efficient, especially in times of extreme weather.

By using a system of water-filled pipes to leverage the stable underground temperature, geothermal units create a loop, circulating water to exchange the heat between your home, your heat pump, and the earth. This creates a highly efficient system, resulting in a reduction in your heating and cooling costs of up to 80%.

Stay within Your Budget

You are probably thinking to yourself, “Technology this advanced is not going to be affordable for me, or my family.” But you would be wrong. While the initial up-front investment is higher than more traditional methods, the system winds up paying for itself in virtually no time.

If you find the perfect geothermal unit for home and you are concerned about being able to afford it, be sure to check out our great financing and rebate offers. You can also check to see if the installation qualifies you for any federal or tax credit. Because of the positive environmental impact geothermal units have, many federal, state, and local agencies offer incentives to households and businesses that install a geothermal heating and cooling system.

Why Should I Choose Air Treatment, Inc.?

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