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Your furnace is a silent workhorse. It keeps you warm during the chilly months of winter and works with your air conditioner in the summer to push cool air throughout your home’s system. It works all year long, providing constant air circulation, and it is the primary air filtration tool in most people’s homes.

It makes your life better in a million little ways, but it won’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll need to find and install a replacement. But unless it simply up and dies on you, you may not know when the time has come.

Four Signs Your Furnace Should Be Replaced

Like most people, you are probably not a furnace expert, and that’s ok. To help you, we have compiled a short list of the most common signs that it’s time to replace your furnace.

  • Your gas or electric bill is skyrocketing. As with most things, furnaces lose their efficiency as they get older. If the increase in your bill isn’t a result of a rate hike, then the problem is very likely your furnace.
  • You have a furnace repair guy on speed dial. If your furnace seems to need constant repair, it may be time for a new one. Yes, a small repair is cheaper than a replacement. But lots of small repairs will take a toll on your bank account and may just be short-term fixes for a much larger issue. Before it gets to that point, it is best to invest in a new one.
  • Your burner flame is bright yellow. You’ve got a serious problem in this case. Your burner flame should be blue. A yellow flame can be indicative of a dangerous carbon monoxide issue.
  • Your furnace is making new, terrifying noises. Banging? Squawking? Rattling? These can be bad news for your furnace.

Where Can I Get a New Furnace in Guilford County?

Contact the NATE-certified professionals at Air Treatment, Inc. We will conduct a full system evaluation and help you select the right furnace for your home and budget. We can install it for you, and even enroll you in a fantastic routine maintenance plan to keep your furnace running strong for years.

You can tap into an energy source buried right in your backyard. Find out how with one of our state of the art geothermal units.