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Boilers are one of the most common ways buildings are heated within the United States. As the name implies, your boiler heats water for a variety of uses inside the structure. Steam can be distributed through radiators, and the hot water created can be leveraged for use with radiant floor heating systems. You can even add on a feature that allows your boiler to heat the water for domestic purposes as well.

Benefits of Replacing an Old Boiler

Older boiler systems have an energy efficiency range between 56% and 70% according to That means only 56% to 70% of the fuel you are burning is converted into heat you can use for your home or business. Contrast this with the maximum 98.5% efficiency achieved by some modern boilers, and you can immediately see why an upgrade could cut your energy bills significantly.

Good for the Environment

Another added benefit is indirect, although highly beneficial to the overall environment. If you upgrade an old system running at just 56% efficiency and install a new boiler operating at 90% efficiency, you will have saved between 1.5 tons and 3 tons of carbon dioxide, depending on the fuel type. Old, coal-burning boilers previously converted to oil or gas fuel are the ones where you are likely to see the greatest improvement.

Choosing the Right Boiler System for Your Needs

It’s important that you understand the type of heat distribution currently installed in your home or business. This allows you to maximize your system efficiency, energy savings, and whole-home comfort. Answering just these three questions will put you on the right path toward identifying your best boiler replacement:

  1. What kind of fuel does your current boiler use? Is it gas or oil?
  2. Does your system output water or steam?
  3. How many square feet of your structure require heat?

Who Can I Call About Finding The Right Boiler for My Needs?

If you’re in Greensboro, NC or the surrounding areas, get in touch with our heating team today. We can tell you what your options are and even help you identify additional ways to optimize your system and make the most out of every energy dollar spent.

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