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Now’s the Time to Ensure Proper Insulation Levels Throughout the House

posted by: Bart Manning

If you have recently had a new heating or air-conditioning unit installed, but your home still doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s possible that you don’t have enough insulation. Home insulation is like a warm blanket in the winter and a shield against the heat in the summer. Making sure you have the right amount of insulation can not only enhance your comfort, but also save you money, as you won’t be wasting the energy you pay to heat and cool. Now’s as good a time as ever to ensure that you have the proper insulation levels throughout your home.

Where to Start

The attic, especially in older homes is a primary source of heat loss in the winter. During the summer, heat in the attic can soar well over 100 degrees and radiate into the living space beneath it. The attic is a natural place to begin, but you might want to have a comprehensive energy audit to determine the precise areas where insulation is needed and how much you should add. In addition, it’s always a good idea to seal the air leaks in your home before you insulate.


R-value indicates the thermal resistance of the insulation, which means how resistant it is to heat. The higher the R value, the better. The standard recommendation is 5½ inches of insulation between the studs in each wall. An attic should be insulated to an R-value of 38 to 50. There are four general types of insulation, loose fill, rolls and batts, foam-in-place and rigid foam.

Each type of insulation is designed to be used in areas where it will be the most efficient. By correctly insulating your home from the roof to the basement, you should immediately notice a significant decrease in your energy bills. A bonus is the sound reduction that you should also enjoy. Outside noises won’t be as pronounced.

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